Agenda 2023

New Era Can AI be as creative as your favorite rapper? Will AI replace Rap artists? Does AI make better West Coast music? AI affect Rap and Hip Hop, but when? How are creators, influencers and technology shaping music & culture?

You may have heard about 3D art, but what about 3D audio? Engineers strive to make technology increasingly more realistic and alluring to give consumers a deeply engaging experience. That’s where 3D audio comes into play. With nearly any smartphone capable of being turned into a virtual reality headset, companies are looking to make virtual reality as mainstream, accessible and realistic as possible. Incorporating 3D audio is a big part of making metaverse users feel as if they’ve entered another universe. For this reason, 3D audio is more popular than ever and is changing how we listen to music.

As Artificial Intelligence continues to infiltrate music as we know it, we discuss how entertainment will be reshaped and redefined by AI and other futuristic and forward-thinking music making tools. With artists, industry experts and those who are building the future, this panel discuss how AI, blockchain and cloud-computing and more can help unlock a new wave of creativity for future music makers.

Why is Web3 is slated to be the future of Black music? The immersive, distributed platforms that many are touting as the next level of the internet could bring about new ways for artists and fans to connect in the metaverse. And the new breed of applications and platforms that it enables could allow songwriters and performers to tap into new funding business models. This panel will discuss web 3 applications and platforms advancing the game and ownership for Black musicians.

Existing and aspiring content creators require secure internet platforms where they may showcase their skills and ideas. The establishment of content creation platforms that sincerely support contemporary content creators and the sponsorship of their ground-breaking ideas has served to aid in this. If you enjoy writing and producing content, you probably have questions about what the future holds for people like you.

Black content creators are a hot commodity right now. The need for fresh, entertaining, relatable content is growing as brands invest marketing and advertising dollars into brand collaborations with creators to increase awareness of their products and services and amplify their brand message. Despite Black creators not always being credited for their creativity and being paid fairly, we continue to make the largest impact on pop culture. This is why it will always be important to spotlight the creatives who are creating their own lanes in this space and being innovative and authentic while doing it.



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