Volunteer: Tech With Soul

Join our volunteer program in 2023.

Volunteer and attend Tech With Soul for free. Aside from gaining valuable experience working at a fast-paced event, you’ll also gain access to every talk you want to see and have the opportunity to make contacts and connections.

Applications to volunteer for Tech With Soul 2023 are now open.

Choose how you make a difference.

There are lots of different aspects of running Tech With Soul that we need help with, and you can choose exactly how you’d like to volunteer at Tech With Soul based on your skills and interests.

Enjoy talking to people? Well, join our operations team at the information points. Keen on learning about the media world? Our media village, where interviews and press conferences take place, needs volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly. Got great time keeping skills? We’d love to have you involved in getting our high profile speakers to the stage on time.

We can accommodate your interests so that we all benefit from your involvement in volunteering at Tech With Soul.



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