Tips for Submission

Tips for Submission

Whether you’re submitting a blog for consideration or an idea for a podcast or webcast, it is your experience and passion that makes a submission stand out. We do not accept blatant product pitches. Regardless of what type of content you are submitting, your proposal should be vendor/product/solution agnostic and instead focus on specific challenges and issues that practitioners are facing. For editorial contributions, we begin accepting ideas connected to the theme approximately 8-10 weeks in advance of the month. We want to hear from you, and below are some tips to help you craft the kind of submission we are looking for:

For blog contributions:

  • Please share original content.
  • Blog proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis; there is no minimum lead time.
  • Write in a way that showcases expertise and is focused on thought leadership.
  • 600-800 words.
  • Post title must be 75 characters or less.
  • If you are referencing third-party data or an external article, please embed a link directly to the report or source.
  • Do more than state a problem. For example, we know ransomware is a problem for every organization. What can security professionals do to mitigate the risk and minimize the impact of an attack? Regardless of the issue, be sure that you are sharing insight based on your experience and lessons learned.
  • For podcast/webcasts/panel discussion contributions:

  • Please share original content.
  • Podcast submissions require 4-6 weeks lead time.
  • Podcasts are a conversation vs. one person speaking. Podcasts require two guests.
  • Webcast submissions require a minimum of 6 months lead time for editorial topic-related proposals. Ad hoc topic submissions are encouraged and if accepted lead time will vary.
  • Be prepared. If you are submitting a topic to be considered for a podcast or panel discussion, be prepared to recommend industry cohorts. Because we value diversity and perspectives from across the globe, we strive to represent differences in thought and perspective. Those voices coming from different geographies, genders, races, business sectors, roles, years of experience and organizations are extremely important. Please be inclusive when recommending those with whom you would like to engage in conversation.
  • Remember the details. We receive thousands of submissions annually, and those guests who are invited to join us at Conference or on our virtual platforms have demonstrated through the details of their submission that they have wisdom to share. Speak authentically and with authority based on your experience and be sure to make clear to us in the session details section what exactly you plan to cover in a webcast presentation.
  • Know your audience. Conference attendees have an average of 10+ years of experience, but our virtual and online content is available to a wider audience, who may be at various stages of their cybersecurity careers. Know the sector that you are targeting with your submission and be clear about the audience you are trying to reach.
  • Showcase your experience with case studies. Our audience values content that showcases case studies, experiences and lessons learned and has a strong desire to hear your experience from the trenches.
  • Be action-oriented with what’s presented. As is expected at Conference, all sessions presented virtually should end with an “apply” slide by design. Attendees are looking for prescriptive advice to act on based on what’s presented in the near, mid and long term.
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