Agenda 2023

Trending now the metaverse and major tech companies and brands are laying out their plans to create immersive environments that off the future of work, socializing and play. A key focus is on experiences. While it won’t happen overnight, billions of dollars are being directed at new technologies, protocols, companies and innovations focused on a future to be experienced through AR/VR/XR. What does this focus on the Metaverse mean for the culture? What are the opportunities for black content creators, streamers, and businesses? How does the culture capitalize on the Metaverse?

The race in on and the game is A.I. The debut of MusicLM comes as rise of OpenAI’s is happening now. ChatGPT, is it friend or foe? As a musician should you be concerned, how do you leverage, or will musicians be extinct?

As streaming’s penetration in the UK has hit the saturation point, the global streaming wars are heating up. With global successes like Money Heist or Squid Game, Netflix and others are increasing heir focus on international production strategies. This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges in international productions and where the streamers and production companies are
placing big bets.

The Metaverse is the next audience frontier for music recordings, live performances, movies and other types of media and Black folks cannot be left out of deal making. How can indie record labels, publishers, studios, and artists take maximum advantage of the new licensing and monetization opportunities it offers? How will real-world rights apply in virtual spaces? How will they be enforced? What clearances do virtual performances require, and how should royalties be calculated? This panel will explore the next new paradigm.

The creator market for branded and platform deals is projected to grow to a whopping $28 billion by 2026. A major driver of this growth is coming from content produced on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snap and Twitch. This panel of brand and advertising executives, digital creators, platform executives and agency representatives will discuss the strategies and campaigns taking shape on different platforms. What are the most effective strategies today for working with Black creators and what are the metrics that determine success? How are creators adapting their content and strategies as the market matures and more content is vying for audiences in the “Attention Economy”?

Black music has discovered the power of the Metaverse where albums can be launched in virtual worlds, and concert-style events bring together millions of people to discover new music and new artists, shop virtual merch, socialize with major stars as they perform or even dance together with fans. This panel of music and technology executives will discuss how the Metaverse is changing the world of black music and what trends we are yet to see in the future as it continues to grow its mindshare and engagement time.

So, you got a great idea, concept, product or service your anxious to deploy. But your message will get lost in a sea of noise if you don’t have a proven communication strategy. Join our marketing expert and brand storytelling strategist panel as they break down the ABT (And, But, Therefore) framework, which you can apply right away in all your messaging, from social media to adverting to branding.

This demonstration provides musicians with information and resources to protect themselves and their music on social media platforms, such as TikTok. In today’s digital age, knowing the answers to the following questions is vital: Is the clock ticking for
TikTok? Will it be banned in the U.S. altogether? What happens to all of the musical content on user profiles? Learn how to keep your followers engaged without depending solely on social media platforms.



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