Agenda 2024

New sports will emerge whilst some traditional sports will slowly disappear. New sports are emerging as with VR/AR/AI technology an entire range of new opportunities will arise. Current e- games will become real new sports; e-athletes equipped with VR goggles will battle it out. Kids are likely to become more active in sports again as technology will be blended into sports, a requirement for future generations. This panel will discuss sports with a tech game element in it. It is gamification and sportification all the way

The NFL is on a mission to be the more tech savvy-focused. Sports is the most well-suited to integrate Web 3 for fan engagement and interaction. Using NFTs, sports fan can preserve their favorite highlights, represent their favorite teams and players, and even participate in the age-old practice for trading collectibles. This panel will discuss, web 3 and fan engagement.

As so many people are interested in sports, sports play a leading role in promoting and supporting sustainability. It means new stadiums have to be carbon neutral, have to be fully recyclable, should recycle waste and have to find ways to generate their own energy and water usage. This panel will discuss alternative ways of transportation to and from the stadium will be stimulated. It means, electric transportation, bicycle lanes, trains and trams and less parking spots for fueled cars. Shared self driving and self parking cars will be the name of the game and reduce parking spots.

Esports is the exclusive domain of Gen Z and Gen Alpha. In ten years’ time they are grown-ups but will still love their e-sports games. They form by far the biggest part of population by that time. Additionally e-games and e-sports can be played anywhere in the world with any other person; in fact a computer and internet will do to play with someone on the other side of the globe. This makes the sport extremely accessible to anyone. Equality, togetherness and technology is what counts for the new generations.

The National Football League recently launched the NFL Zone, a multifaceted metaverse experience built in Fortnite Creative. Presented by Visa, the digital space is designed to engage football fans and also attract Fortnite players, possibly winning over a whole new audience, in particular Gen Z, which has shown a declined interest in traditional sports. Even though the value of the metaverse is still being debated by marketers, big brands continue to invest in the virtual space—hoping to score with consumers.

Data shows that the demographic the NFL is losing most are people ages 18-49 year, which hit a record low since 1992 in 2020. So how is the NFL going to try to win back young, progressive, left-leaning fans, Black and brown fans?



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