Is AI to Blame for the End of Marriage? Could this be a sign of the time- robots and human interaction?

Is artificial intelligence redefining love, dating and marriage?Social media rockstar Airrack, (13 M YouTube subscribers) recently connected with Digital Mind State to produce AI Girl Speed Dates 10 YouTubers where Airrack poses the question, ‘is the world’s most popular AI capable of falling in love?’ The video has attracted over 5.7 million views in less than a month and clearly has caught the world’s attention.

AI Redefining Love

Some nascent technologies are quickly emerging that will have a direct impact on love and relationships. I’ve looked at everything from full-sensory virtual dating, behavior-based matching, to wearable technology and the smart home. What separates AI from other forms of technologies such as blockchain, Virtual Reality or Web 3 is its ‘emotional’ capabilities.

In the 2013 movie Her, the main character Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with “Samantha”—an artificially intelligent computer-generated assistant. Theodore and Samantha became so close that emotional and even sexual ties were seeded.

What if I told you AI can predict your next breakup or be used to find you a compatible partner.  Dating apps that use AI may help you find love based on your preference. Are you ready for an AI system that uses your DNA as its secret sauce in matchmaking algorithm? Various startups believe that our love lives are determined by our DNA. Sound like something out of Black Mirror, there is such a thing matching DNA. One of the many new apps currently available on Google Play is DNA Romance.

Future of Dating, The End of Marriage

Mobile applications like Tinder have changed the way people date. As sex, robots and AI continues to converge, hook ups are on the rise, the future of dating is in question and marriage is at stake. Tinder and others allow instant gratification for a booty call. In Asia alone ‘companion-for-hire’ apps portray the role of a pretend boyfriend or girlfriend, depending on the client’s situation. There are millions of people in the world who are looking to make new friends, as well as have someone to attend activities or events with. We now live in a society where people will pay for you to accompany them, teach them a new skill or just be a friend. This concept is quickly making its way to America.

What’s even more alarming is we now have technology designed to replicate and/or replace real human interaction. Are we going to move into a future where we keep normalizing the idea of dating a robot or recognize and appreciate being human? The data doesn’t look good.

According to a study conducted by Morgan Stanley, it’s estimated that 45% of women ages 25–44 will be single by 2030. By 2040, 70% of all couples would be initially meeting online — compared to just 24% in 2017.  By 2042, the number of singles is set to surpass married people, meaning more people will be actively looking for a partner. By 2050 Projections indicate the median age of an online dater will reach 47, up from 38 in the present day.

Final Thoughts

The social fabric of America is falling apart. In a recent study by Pew, 40% of American think marriage is obsolete. They are not sure it is even necessary. There are several reasons for that: the country has undergone widespread transformation, having weathered the pandemic, social media, major political changes as well societal norms. Everything is in question.  As AI continues to evolve, so does the research examining the role it will play in our lives, both personally and professionally. We have become selfish; our individual happiness has become the most important thing surpassing the family. Millennials and young adults are opting for partnership compared to marriage. Will partnerships replace marriage? Can AI be the determinant of our human connections?  Are robots a better fit for companionship? Is this a sign of the times?

About The Author:

Mike Johns is founder at Digital Mind State and is a self-proclaimed “Futurist for the Culture”. Johns sits at the intersection of technology and humanity. Having served as a freelance writer in the past, he decided to focus on topics impacting culture including AI, Robotics, Space Travel and Transhumanism. Learn more visit




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