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Why Scottsdale should have its own Token!

First we must understand the basics…

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFT and the metaverse has been the hottest topic vc’s, brands, pop culture and government must learn in order to remain relevant as well be a future stakeholder. stay relevant today, as these technological paradigms are revolutionizing the way business was done in the past. However, everything investors hear or read about these topics is tainted by motivated reasoning – aka it is not information but advertising copy.

This meet up will cover:

  1. Bitcoin and Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Why blockchains fix the problems created by databases
  • Why Bitcoin is the solution to renewable energy
  1. DeFi – Decentralized Finance
  • Why DeFi is Fintech 2.0
  • A $22 trillion opportunity?
  1. Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets
  • Why cryptocurrency is entirely misunderstood
  • Why digital assets are the solution to solving poverty
  1. NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Why NFTs are NOT about collecting digital images
  • Why NFTs are the solution to broken supply chains
  • Why Its Prime Time for Scottsdale to have its own token (Timing)
  • Miami set the tone
  • Central City Colorado becomes De-Central City, Colorado
  • Why not Scottsdale?


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